Let me tell you a little bit about myself (they say it’s necessary to “give the reader an idea of who I am, what am I going to write about and, of course, why should they read this blog” – the last one, being pretty obvious: well… because it’s pretty interesting!).

My name is Alexandra. My mom says she gave me this name because it’s a fighter’s name (see Alexander the Great). I am a 30 years old daughter of God, a wannabe prayer warrior (didn’t I tell you I am supposed to be a fighter?), a wife, a mother, a graphic designer, a blogger (fake it till you become it, they say) and a continuous learner!

I am a Romanian, who lived half of her life in Spain; fact which makes English my third language, therefore I am humbly asking you to be kind with me.

In the meantime time I am writing endless letters to God, I pray without ceasing, I spend time with the family and close ones, practice some DIY home decor and make beautiful printables for nursery rooms and Scripture based.

By joining me you’ll find out about design tips for small businesses and designers, a bit about marketing, another bit about DIY stuff, some interesting business related facts and, of course, about blogging.

Enjoy the future posts, talk to me as often as you please and, of course, may God bless you!

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