How to blog efficiently when you don’t think you can do it? PART ONE

“Ok, easy, step by step, you’re doing this! You’re going to add one post at a time and everything is going to be fine. This is what blogging is, and not the scary monster that you imagine it to be”

I kept telling myself every day for the past 2 years, but somehow I couldn’t get started. I had an attempt somewhere in December, but as I was writing the first post, somehow –  at some point – a million questions started literally flowing into my mind about which topic should I choose to be the first thing people see about the blog and the person behind.

Should it be something in the line of “Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am here for you, guys”? Should it rather contain the most valuable info out there and be followed by the pressure of having to deliver? What should I write about? I know a lot of stuff, but can I actually put it all in a single blog? Should I perhaps have several blogs: one about marriage, one about divorce, one about God, one about design, one about blogging itself, another one about DIY home decor and yet another one about the printables that have helped me keep going when the pain of separation hit me? Is this interesting to ANYONE? Does anybody benefit from this?

Well, all these and a couple of hundreds more were flooding my brain until I felt a real pain in the back of my head. Then I realized that unless I begin writing, none of the questions above will make any sense. You see, the question is not what to write about or how “structured you are”. The question is:

Do you think you can change something into someone’s life by adding your content out there?

Actually, I have an even better one, because it is a statement and an encouragement to you. Tell yourself the following:

If I don’t put this out there, someone that might have less knowledge/experience will, but the change in someone else’s life might be minor compared to what they would experience if I was sharing what I know, what I’ve been through, who I am or what I do.

Now take heart, make courage (and mood) to write – slowly, yet steadily – and be determined to create a blog that’s about everything that fascinates you and that you have enough knowledge about so that others can greatly benefit from.

I, for instance, am a graphic designer – and rest assured that I will be blogging about it- but I am also a blogger, I am a wife and a mother, I like discussing business and marketing, psychology, a little bit on lifestyle, entrepreneurship, DIY and crafts, and God. You are your own little world as well and if you are good at something, it is a waste not sharing it with the world.


So, what do you do when you have no confidence that you can actually blog?

I, myself, find it much easier once I get started. I have to admit, though, it is hard to get yourself past the fear and actually start typing things on the computer. That fear is overcome by the sentence that I wrote above, by asking yourself who will give that same info to your potential readers and can they do it better than you? I think there are a lot of great, even amazing bloggers out there, but there’s always room for you and me as well. We impact people in a different way than the other people do, by sharing our very own experience that no one else can posses and, even though they might have the same type of knowledge, on one else can portray it the same way as you and me.

In PART TWO of this post I will give you some resources to help you get started. It will be a series of questions that are tailored especially for the beginner like you. They will be simple and help you write that dreaded first post and the ones immediately following.

Stay thirsty for knowledge and always humble.




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